Saturday, 31 May 2014

can thoughts change reality?

Are you one of those people that never quite believed that our thoughts have the power to affect the reality around us?

A few years back Dr Masaru Emoto claimed to have found a link between thoughts and water during a scientific experiment. He claimed that thoughts had an effect on waters eventual frozen state when looked at under a microscope. There has been huge controversy over the years in regards to his studies, which most of the scientific world wrote off due to the lack of control under which they were taken. Dr Emoto was even offered "The One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge" prize money if he could replicate his findings under observation, the offer to this day still stands but as yet Emoto has not raised to the challenge which doesn't do much for his credibility.

Ture or not true I think the subject is an interesting one nevertheless. Imagine for one moment if it were true, it would effect our way of thinking and going about life in a big way don't you think? People would be a lot more inclined to go around in state of love than in a state of anger. I for one would defiantly be a lot more mindful and aware of what I was thinking every time I ate or took a drink! I do strongly believe that our thoughts have an effect on our health and body so perhaps Emotos works have some truth in them...?

What do you think about Dr Emoto and his work? Would you like to see someone try and prove him right... or wrong?

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