Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Skin deep


Beach girls normally fall into the "low maintenance" category but there are a few things in our beauty routines that we never fail to do. I love nail varnish and Giselle loves leave-in hair conditioners, there is one thing that comes first in importance for both of us and that is skin-care! 
We spend so much time in the sunshine and on the beach, it's something we simply have to do. Our skin is under constant bombardment from the elements. Exposure to sun, wind and salt on a daily basis can really take it's toll. Following a good skin-care routine is top of the list for every beach chic I know.  There are some products that I personally recommend and here I am going to share them with you...

 This is my "can't live without" collection of skin-care products. It consists of a huge collection of sun-creams to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. Then, for after beach care, I have a variety of moisturising products which I swear by. Each one replenishes moisture lost and leaves skin silky soft.


For sun protection I always choose a high factor cream from Eucerin. Eucerin is a dermatological skin care brand based on honest skin science. It supports the skin’s basic requirements, gives you the confidence of healthy radiant skin and most importantly for me, protects from the suns harmful rays! As it is dermatologically tested I don't have any problems with spots, even if I use it everyday, twice a day!

It's very easy to burn my lips during kiting or teaching. Having sunburnt, blistered and cracked lips is one of THE most painful things I have ever endured, I don't ever want to go through it again! If you're a surfer or kiter you probably know exactly what I'm talking about. 
Our lips need just as much protection as our skin, which is why I use this sun protection from Lobello, especially formulated to protect the delicate skin on our lips. It has a UV filter of 30 SPF and comes in a handy double pack, with this great lip balm which is perfect for the evenings. Since discovering these two, I am no longer plagued with burnt, swollen lips, yay!!


I love to use these amazing products from Nivea. They recently released a new after shower moisturiser which is perfect for when I'm in a hurry to join friends. I'm normally the last to leave the beach after a days kiting, this great new product saves me from arriving late to beach parties at night! You actually apply it in the shower after using body wash, then rise it off and you are ready to go! It's innovative formular leaves a layer of conditioning moisturiser on your skin and saves you hopping around the bedroom trying to pull skinny jeans onto sticky legs in a hurry! 
When I can take my time in the bathroom,  I love the regular body lotion and moisturiser that Nivea do, the rich cream is just perfect for my skin type. My fail safe beauty tip... apply moisturiser! You will instantly feel more beautiful and sexy, it will bring out your golden beach chic glow and make your limbs look longer and thinner.  I can't leave the house with out treating my skin to a little love!


After a day out on the water my skin can feel dry and tight, especially if I've had too much sun. Thankfully Nivea and Eucerin each have an after sun range which quickly gets my skin re-hydrated and supple once again. Leaving me ready to hit the beach first thing in the morning after a good night sleep!!

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